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My Fylde is a comprehensive address book and phone numbers directory for the area of Fylde. We have extensive sections with detailed contact information on mobile and landline numbers for private homes, businesses, companies of all sizes, as well sa a wide range of important NGOs, government offices and institutions. If you want to contact somebody in Fylde, then My Fylde is the perfect place to do it.

You can search for any landline number in the Borough of Fylde with our website. Casual visitors can access a limited number of phone contacts a day, but registered users have complete access to all our database, any time, any place. Register today and start enjoying the full benefits of My Fylde.

By becoming a part of our community you can access the full directory of contact numbers in the Fylde area. Registration is simple and automatic. Just send us a message or call us in business hours and we will send you your username and registration password. You can later change your data in your personal profile if you wish to. That's it, now you are part of one of the largest directories in the West Midlands and you can access our full content, including enhanced search tools and complete contact information on over 900 institutions and businesses, and so much more. You can search for as many numbers as you want, any time you wish. Just use your login information and see all My Fylde has to offer.


We also offer commercial numbers and contact information. If you want to call a specific business or find numbers by sectors - in example, insurance companies, loan providers, retailers, cleaning services... - then My Fylde is the place. Search for businesses in your area and access full contact information!

My Fylde is not only a phone database for private numbers, but also a regional business directory and government guide. All main UK companies represented in Fylde have their place in our directory. You can also locate and contact medium and small companies through our website.

Not only do we provide working and updated phone numbers, but also other ways of contacting those companies including addresses, direct numbers and useful links. Also, in My Fylde you can learn more about the companies of your interest and find out the best way to contact them depending on the reason of your call. Is it a complain? A request? A question? Do you want to provide feedback or make suggestions? With My Fylde, you will know who to call and how to contact the company so you have the highest chances to achieve what you want.

We keep Fylde connected and growing with our complete database on phone numbers. Feel free to contact us if you want to make an questions about our services, our content or the data displayed on our website. Use our handy contact form or call us any time, and we will solve all your enquiries right away! Call us now!

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img It is great to finally have a good regional phone numbers site that works so well and is so useful. We have been in the need of a site like My Fylde for a long time. img
Sarah Johnson

img Finding My Fylde was a great thing for me because it allowed me to get in contact with people I would have had lots of trouble finding otherwise. It is a delight to have this directory now, I think it's one of the pages I visit the most. img
Heather Holmes

img My Fylde is, in my opinion, the best regional phone number site we have. I can access any number I want very quickly and without obnoxious steps, ads or logins. I also use it as a personal directory and so long it has been great. img
Jonathan Benson

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